Throne:Kingdom at War

Army Guide

Mighty Lords inhabit the lands of Throne: Kingdom at War. Every day they send their armies to yield resources that are needed to successfully develop their Towns and to meet the demands of their people. But guarding one’s holdings is no less important. This is the focus of this guide.

Towns are amazing, with players upgrading their buildings to the highest level so that they provide a constant supply of resources. A huge army is required to protect what these Lords have worked so hard to obtain. Order members can help to protect your Town by sending reinforcements. Without a reliable defense, great Lords are simply victims waiting to be plundered.

You can purchase warriors as part of Bank offers, but the main method of increasing armies is to train warriors in the Barracks that you should build.

The Barracks


As can be seen in the image above, the Barracks is where you train various troops. Several Barracks can be built within your Town, allowing you to train more warriors at once.

Upgrade these buildings and you will significantly increase the number of troops that you can train in one cycle. The higher the level of the Barracks (the maximum level is 31), the more resources and time are required for upgrading.

Available troops in Barracks

Training troops

As seen in the images above, the Barracks interface includes the Info, Troops and Training tabs. In the Troops tab, you select the type of troops for training. As you progress through your Studies, you can train more powerful warriors. In addition, you choose a tactic for development: place a bet on several types of troops or form an army consisting of an even number of unit types.

Open the Training tab and you will find out which units you are currently training, their number and the time remaining until the training is complete. You can speed up this process by applying special items from the Boosts category. They can be purchased or received as a reward for accomplishing Errands and achieving victory in Tournaments and battles.

Conquering Settlements

Owning an army is incredibly important for achieving success in Throne: Kingdom at War because warriors not only defend your Town from invaders but also attack other Lords’ Towns and yield resources.

Going on the offensive

Lords usually send small numbers of troops to yield resources in order to minimize the risk of their forces being destroyed if the location is captured by enemy troops. Whether you follow their example is up to you.


Going on Raids

You can also join Raids and send your troops alongside your Order members’ troops to attack other players. Prudent Lords choose this wise tactic when they have to deal with powerful foes.

The number of participants in the Raid you want to launch is determined by the level of the Military Camp built in your Town.

Military Camp

Even if you are the most powerful Lord in the Kingdom, you are not immune from other players’ attacks. If your enemy is a whole Order, it will be hard to defeat them. Finding allies really is a wise tactic.

Remember: you can easily lose wealth and power. Don’t let this happen to you! Fight on, build your army and inscribe your name in the history books of Throne: Kingdom at War for all time!