Throne:Kingdom at War

Town Defense Guide

Mighty armies, brave Heroes and cunning enemies play a vital role in Throne: Kingdom at War. However, a Lord’s most important focus is their Town, and they pay much attention to its development.

The Town is where most resources are produced and numerous armies are trained for gaining victory over enemies and defending allies. Some buildings in the Town help you to protect your people and everything that you hold dear. We will tell you about these buildings in the guide.

The Infirmary

This is where warriors injured in battle go to be healed before returning to the fray. You can build several of these buildings. Everything depends on your playing style and whether or not you plan on defending your Town against enemies on a regular basis.

As you increase the level of your Infirmary, you will increase the number of fallen warriors that you can heal or resurrect, restoring them to the ranks.

The Infirmary

Healing Tab

Resurrection Tab

As seen above, the Infirmary window consists of three tabs. In the Info tab you will see the current level of the building and find out how many places there are for wounded warriors in the Infirmary. Take note of this number and bear it in mind when planning attacks.

Warriors that have been injured defending your Town are displayed in the Healing tab. With the right amount of resources, you can heal them.

The Resurrection tab contains information about the warriors that have fallen beyond the castle’s walls. You can restore them to the ranks only for Gold.

The Wall

The Wall that surrounds your Town underpins the security of your holdings. Thanks to the Wall, your citizens rest easy at night, knowing that brave warriors protect them and their families.

The Wall

In the Wall tab, you will find the current level of this fortification as well as the defense bonus it grants your army at this stage. Upgrade the Wall to protect your citizens, resources and all the trophies you have captured in battle.

The Inn

The final building that we are going to discuss in this guide is the Inn. This is where troops sent as reinforcements are hosted. By increasing this building level, you increase the maximum number of troops that you can house. Remember that only allied troops sent by your fellow Order members can stay in the Inn.

The Inn

Reinforcements tab

The Inn window consists of three tabs. The first two pertain to the defense of your Town, that’s why we will discuss them in detail.

In the Info tab you will find key information about the Inn, find out its current level and the number of spaces for troops sent by your allies. By upgrading this building, you increase the maximum number of reinforcement troops that you can house and thus significantly increase your Town’s defenses.

The Reinforcements tab contains information about the troops currently stationed in your Town’s Inn.


It is impossible to overstate the importance of strong defenses and buildings that provide protection to the Town. The buildings that we have mentioned should be constructed and upgraded as soon as possible. It is extremely important if you wish to effectively resist your enemies or take part in events such as the Kingdoms War and Orders War.

The buildings that we have described will help you to protect your holdings, and upgrading them will save many warriors’ lives. Do not neglect your army – it plays a vital role in defending your Town. Remember that the best defense is a good offense.