Throne:Kingdom at War

A guide to Raids

A Raid is a joint attack by troops of Lords from one Order.

We’ve put together this guide to Raids in the Throne: Kingdom at War game for you. It contains tips about how to conduct Raids that will help you and your allies attack even more effectively.

A Guide to Raids Throne: Kingdom at War

What you need to know before the Raid starts

To organize Raids, you need to build the Military Camp.

Remember that you cannot conduct Raids against Lords if they do not belong to an Order and their Town is below level 15.

How to form a Raid

– Select a target for your Raid. This might be an enemy Town or a Castle. Then hit the “Raid” button.
– Choose the time when the joint march by your Order’s troops will start.
– Wait until your allies’ troops reach your Town.
– Send the assembled forces to the target.

How to strengthen a Raid troop

– Upgrade the Inquisitor Ann Castlebane’s Doctrines.
– Unlock the Raid Troop Offense Hero’s Skill.
– Get the Legend Reputation from a King.

How to increase the number of warriors in a Raid

– Upgrade the Military Camp.
– Unlock the Raid Troop Headcount Hero’s Skill.
– Use Hero’s equipment like the Lightweight Helm or the Traveler’s Cloak.
– Use Inquisitor’s equipment like the Source.
– Upgrade Ann Castlebane’s Doctrines and Blessings.
– Conduct Studies in the Military and Hero categories of the Academy.
– Get the Legend Reputation.
– Conduct Studies in the Scholars’ Hall in the Order Citadel.
– Activate the Raid Troop Headcount Boost.

Use these tips to organize crushing joint attacks with your allies in the Throne: Kingdom at War game! You can find more advice about the Throne game on our forum. Welcome!