Throne:Kingdom at War

A Guide to Town Development

Constant struggles are a common occurrence in the Amarian Kingdoms. The budding rulers are ready to rush hastily into battle, but many of them forget about the welfare of their own homestead.

Town development plays an important role in Throne: Kingdom at War. Constructing buildings and conducting Studies will help you create a strong army and beat your opponents.

Throne: Kingdom at War Buildings

In Throne: Kingdom at War, buildings have different functions and can give bonuses that increase economic and military stats.

Buildings can be administrative or resource-based. The most important building is the Palace, where you can view your game statistics.

Administrative buildings allow you to perform game actions – to train and resurrect warriors, conduct Studies, craft equipment, and so on. To start these processes, you need resources.

In Throne: Kingdom at War, resources are produced in resource buildings. Farms provide the Town with Food, Lumber Mills – Lumber, Mines – Iron, and Stone Quarries – with Stone. There are also Houses, which provide Silver, but they relate to the administrative buildings. Upgrading them speeds up warrior training.

Throne: Kingdom at War Resources

Studies in Throne: Kingdom at War

In Throne: Kingdom at War, Studies help Lords develop their Town and army. They influence many important characteristics, from troop stats to resource production speed.

All Studies are conducted in the Academy and are divided into categories – Economic, Military, Assailants, and others.

Take advantage of the wisdom of the best minds in the Kingdom and receive bonuses!

Speeding up Processes in the Town

The amount of resources and time needed to upgrade buildings and conduct Studies varies. To speed up processes in the Town, you can do the following:

  • Apply Boosts
  • Increase your VIP status level
  • Upgrade the Hero’s Skills and Inquisitor’s Doctrines
  • Craft equipment and enhance it with runes and jewels
  • Ask your Order members for help

Remember that you should activate Boosts before starting construction of a building or conducting a Study.

Create an unassailable Town and become the mightiest of Lords. In Throne: Kingdom at War, power is everything!