Throne:Kingdom at War


Achievements in the Throne: Kingdom at War game are marks of distinction that grant permanent military and economic bonuses. You can upgrade the level of achievements, and the bonuses will increase accordingly.

How to get them

In order to obtain or upgrade Throne achievements, you need to fulfill certain requirements. You can find out what they are by selecting an achievement in the Achievements window. You can get there via the Menu or the Lord’s profile.

Throne: Kingdom at War achievements

All common achievements and their bonuses


  • Offense Against Enemy Spearmen
  • Army Offense During Defense


  • Troop Health During a Raid
  • Army Health

Emperor’s Successor

  • Army Offense Against Tier V–VII
  • Number of Warriors in Reinforcements

Amaria’s First Sword

  • Army Offense Against Tier I-IV
  • Army Offense During Offense

Hard Worker

  • Army Offense
  • Army Health During Offense

Dedicated to Amaria

  • Army Defense During Offense
  • Studying Speed

Master Swordsman

  • Training Speed
  • Army Offense When Attacking Castles

Bounty Hunter

  • Troop Offense During a Raid
  • Offense Against Enemy Siege Units

A Pillar of the Order

  • Army Health When Attacking Castles
  • Number of Scouts in a Troop

Can’t Have Too Much Power

  • Army Defense During Defens
  • Troop Offense During a Raid Against Spearmen

Gold Hunter

  • Army Health During Defense
  • Troop Offense During a Raid Against Ranged Troops

Power in Gold

  • Raid Troop Defense
  • Troop Offense During a Raid Against Cavalry

Scourge of the Empire

  • Raid Troop Headcount
  • Army Offense Against Tier I-IV

Heart of Stone

  • Army Offense
  • Resurrection of Fallen Warriors

Achievement Fan

  • Army Offense Against Tier V–VII
  • Army Defense

More information regarding the numerical values of the bonuses can be found here.

Secret achievements

Few people know what conditions you need to fulfill in order to get secret achievements or what bonuses they grant. If you want to know more, ask the Lords on the forum.

Collect all the achievements to get an advantage over your opponent.