Throne:Kingdom at War

Alchemical Laboratory

In Throne: Kingdom at War, the Alchemical Laboratory is a special building where you can improve the military stats of each troop type: spearmen, cavalry, ranged, knights, siege troops, and scouts.

In this building alchemists brew elixirs, experiment with metals, and create substances that will empower your army. The troop tier available for upgrade depends on the Alchemical Laboratory level.

How to upgrade your army

In Throne: Kingdom at War, the Alchemical Laboratory is located in the administrative part of the Town. In this building, there are two ways to enhance your warriors: for resources, which will take some time, or for Gold, instantly.

To upgrade a certain tier of troops, you should first upgrade the preceding tier and the Alchemical Laboratory. For example, to upgrade Champion defense, you’ll need to upgrade Militissa, Templar, and Legionary defense, and also upgrade the Alchemical Laboratory to level 20.

The upgrade cost is initially the same for all troop types. However, when one has been upgraded, the cost for the other troop types increases by one level. For example, let’s say you are upgrading your spearmen. In that case, the upgrade cost for all the other troop types rises to level two. If you then upgrade your knights, the cost for all the non-upgraded troop types will rise to level three.

Remember: the first upgrade will be much cheaper than subsequent ones, so think carefully about which troops to select first.

Our Alchemical Laboratory bonuses table will help you come up with a strategy for upgrading your army.

Alchemical Laboratory's bonuses

Lords, use the alchemists’ knowledge to build a strong army!