Throne:Kingdom at War

Assailants’ materials and jewels

Lords, we’ve put together some tables of materials and jewels that you can get by attacking Assailants on the Kingdom map.

Remember, in the game Throne: Kingdom at War, you need materials to craft equipment for your Hero and Inquisitors, and jewels to enhance such equipment. Go to the Workshop to craft equipment, and visit the Gemmery if you’d like to check what jewels you have in store or if you want to fuse them in order to increase the bonuses they provide.

Assailants' materials-4 Assailants' materials-1 Assailants' materials-2 Assailants' materials-3

If you’d like to find out what Assailants are currently wreaking havoc in your Kingdom, go to the “Assailants, Apostates, Bonuses” tab of the Events window.

Destroy more Assailants – craft more equipment for a better gaming experience!