Throne:Kingdom at War

Preparing for battle

Many battles take place in the lands of Amaria. In the hope of gaining an easy victory, Lords hurry and send their armies to fight. They don’t suspect that well-trained, experienced, and fully armed opponents might be facing them.

We’ve put together a guide that will help you prepare for battle in the Throne: Kingdom at War game.

Guide for battle in the Throne: Kingdom at War game

  • Activate the Hero’s Profile with the suitable equipment and Skills in order to get additional military bonuses. Remember that in Throne: Kingdom at War, gear, jewels, runes, and Hero’s Skills can enhance the military stats of your warriors and grant you victory in battle.
  • Obtain the King’s support and get a Reputation that will improve your military stats. For example, if you want to increase the effectiveness of your scouts, then you need to get the Manipulator Reputation.
  • Activate VIP status in order to enhance your army. Remember: the higher your VIP status level, the more bonuses you can receive.
  • Upgrade the Manor building in order for your Hero to start receiving even more Experience for participating in battles.
  • Summon the necessary Inquisitor. In the Throne: Kingdom at War game, Inquisitors have Doctrines and Blessings that can help you in certain situations. For example, if you prefer to use cavalry when fighting, then summon Canute the Furious. Remember: Inquisitors, as well as Heroes, can get bonuses from equipment, jewels, and runes.
  • Apply a suitable Townscape that will increase the military stats of your troops.
  • Upgrade the Military Camp in order to increase the number of warriors in a Raid.
  • Summon a Сardinal that will make your army even stronger. Find out which Cardinal is aiding your opponent and summon a Cardinal from the opposing Chamber. This will give you an advantage over your enemy.
  • Activate Boosts from the Army category in order to increase your military stats and decrease your enemy’s stats.

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Gain victory by taking any advantage you can!