Throne:Kingdom at War

Reputations in the Eternal Stronghold

Reputations are titles that can strengthen or weaken Lords in the Kingdom. In Throne: Kingdom at War, Reputations are assigned by the Overlord of the Eternal Stronghold or by the Counselors of the Order that is holding the Stronghold.

A Reputation can be active for any of the following periods of time:

  • 15 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 3 hours

Once assigned, a Reputation can’t be canceled until it expires, so it’s important to carefully consider who you’re going to give it to and for how long.

There are twenty-five Reputations in the Throne: Kingdom at War game. Thirteen of them are positive and the other twelve are negative. Positive Reputations increase certain stats of Lords, while negative Reputations reduce them.

To check all the Reputations assigned in your Kingdom, go to the Reputation tab in the Eternal Stronghold.

Reputations in the Eternal Stronghold

Positive Reputations

Prepare your warriors for battle thoroughly and improve your troops’ stats! To do so, you can apply the following Reputations:

  • Commander for spearmen
  • Equestrian for cavalry
  • Marksman for ranged troops
  • Baronet for knights
  • Professional for siege unit
  • Manipulator for scouts
  • Legend for Raid troops

Speed up your Town’s development and make it the most prosperous in Amaria! To improve your economic stats, use Reputation bonuses:

  • Chief for warrior training
  • Provider for resource production
  • Deep Pockets for Silver collection
  • Alchemist for studying speed
  • Fortifier for construction speed
  • Dedicated for the Inquisitor’s stats

Medieval Knights

Negative Reputations

To weaken the troops of one of the Lords in your Kingdom, you can use the following Reputations:

  • Milksop for spearmen
  • Simpleton for cavalry
  • Boozer for ranged troops
  • Weakling for knights
  • Mediocrity for siege units
  • Blowhard for scouts

If you want to reduce your enemy’s economic stats, these Reputations will help you do so:

  • Plague-stricken for training
  • Lilyliver for resource production
  • Beggar for Silver collection
  • Butterfingers for studying speed
  • Idler for construction speed
  • Charlatan for the Inquisitor’s stats

Use Reputation bonuses. Weaken your opponents and strengthen your allies. Rule your Kingdom!