Throne:Kingdom at War

Searching for allies

In the Throne: Kingdom at War game, there are many different Kingdoms in which Lords are Order members. Joining an alliance gives you various advantages, including the opportunity to take part in Raids, receive and send reinforcements, and boost processes in the Town.

Haven’t you found any allies yet? Maybe you decided to relocate to another Kingdom and change your social circle? In this article, you will find advice about searching for like-minded people and about relocation.


Official forum

Post the description of your Order in the special section on the forum in order for other players to find out about you. Done! Now wait for requests and get to know the applicants. In this section, you can also find a suitable Order if you don’t want to create your own.

For players, the Throne: Kingdom at War forum is a convenient platform that is not only for searching for allies. Here, Lords also discuss updates and game mechanics, study guides, and exchange tactics and experience. Log into the forum to find out something useful or just have a chat.

Worldwide Tournaments

This is an unconventional, but effective, way to find new alliance members. During worldwide Tournaments, Lords fight against players from other Kingdoms, but nothing prevents you from writing a message about admission to your Order in the enemy chat. Who knows, maybe someone from another Kingdom has been dreaming of a change of scenery and wants to prove themselves in another Order?

How to relocate to another Kingdom

In Throne: Kingdom at War, the Carriage allows you to switch your home Kingdom. Read about how to obtain this item, and how to use it, in the official support portal.

We hope you find loyal Order members and that all your relocations to new Kingdoms are successful!