Throne:Kingdom at War

A guide to conducting Championships in the Order Citadel

In the Throne game, most of the time nobody attacks the Order Citadel. After constructing the Arena, however, the Master and Counselors will be able to announce Championships, and then foreign troops and Lords from other Orders will attack the Citadel.

We’ve prepared a Throne: Kingdom at War guide to conducting Championships. This guide will help you avoid mistakes.

Throne game guide to conducting Championships in the Order Citadel

Announce Championships during Tournaments

In the Throne game, Tournaments are often conducted in which you can get a reward for eliminating enemy warriors. Announce Championships during such Events to earn more points and increase your chances to win.

Choose a person responsible

Both an Order’s Master and Counselors can announce Championships. Sometimes, uncoordinated actions can cause them to be started accidentally, and conflicts can arise in the Order. Agree on who will be responsible for announcing Championships.

Be ready for the announcement of a Championship

Before announcing a Championship, make sure that you have enough Glittering Dust. Stock up on it in advance.

During the Kingdoms War: Rebellion, a bonus that increases the amount of the points you get for eliminating enemy warriors may appear in your Kingdom. You will benefit more from announcing the Championship while this bonus is active.

Consider your capabilities

As the Arena level increases, the number and strength of the foreign troops also increase. Upgrade this building only if you can successfully defend the Citadel against stronger opponents.

Also, the higher the level of the Arena, the more Glittering Dust you need in order to start a Championship.

Use the time to your advantage

Championships last two hours. Once they are over, the Arena begins restoring itself, during which time no one can attack the Citadel. Use this break to prepare for the next Championship – gather a new army and stock up on Glittering Dust.

Work together

When foreign troops attack your Citadel, as many strong units as possible should defend it. If you send your warriors alone and too early, however, the Lords from the other Orders will be able to destroy them. To avoid this, send your units in sync with your allies a short time before foreign troops appear in the Citadel.

Find out what weaknesses the enemy army has

In the Throne: Kingdom at War game, each type of troop has its own weaknesses. Study the composition of enemy troops and assemble a suitable army.

Decide on a time when the maximum number of allies will be online

If your Order members aren’t online, there’s no sense in announcing a Championship. Decide with your allies at what time it will be convenient for everyone to defend the Citadel.

Allow your army to regain strength

After battles with foreign troops, your army may suffer serious losses. Send your warriors to the Town to recover, otherwise they will be killed by warriors belonging to Lords from other Orders.

Use the knowledge from this guide to make your Championships run more smoothly. Also, don’t forget to attack other Orders’ Citadels.

Good luck!