Throne:Kingdom at War

An update in the lands of Amaria

The update is here, and that means that the Throne: Kingdom at War game has become even more fascinating, not least due to the suggestions from our players, who are clearly talented rulers and strategists!

What has been added to the Throne: Kingdom at War game?

Every update is a unique event that encourages you to hone your skills. Become more powerful with the Throne: Kingdom at War game!

Mini-map in Throne: Kingdom at War

What was added at the request of our Lords?

  • The mini-map. Find the most important objects instantly with the help of a special strategic location map.
  • Changes to the Eternal Stronghold. Assault status now lasts three hours, not six. You can now also select the expiration time of Reputations: 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 3 hours.

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