Throne:Kingdom at War

An update! The Dominion Ruins, Hero’s equipment upgrades, and more

It’s time to open a new thrilling chapter in the Throne: Kingdom at War game! The update brings even more opportunities for courageous and decisive Lords.

An expedition to the Dominion Ruins

The history of the Dominion holds many secrets. Amarian explorers have recently discovered a folio that tells of the Heart of the Dominion – a mystical location lost somewhere in the Ruins. One of the rumors describes countless treasures that are hidden there, which is why the island has attracted adventurers of many kinds, including rigorous Marauders and their Leaders.

Send your Adventurer into the Ruins, explore its streets, fight dangerous enemies, and earn unique trophies. Maybe you’ll end up being the lucky one who finds the Heart of the Dominion.

Throne Kingdom at War Dominion Ruins

To get started, go to the Expedition Center located on your Town map. This will lead you to the Base Camp, which contains the following buildings:

  • The Adventurers’ Tavern, where you can select a Guise, upgrade stats, and change your Adventurer’s equipment
  • The Dominion Store, where various Dominion materials and items can be purchased
  • The Dominion Workshop, which can be used to craft Adventurer’s equipment

This is also where you will find the entrance to the Dominion Ruins, in which you will be able to explore buildings and encounter Marauders and their Leaders.

Select the Adventurer’s Guise and set out on a risky journey full of exciting combat, as well as valuable rewards and bonuses.

Upgrading equipment

Use materials to enhance the bonuses of legendary Hero’s equipment. To do so, go to the Workshop and select equipment tagged with a special marker. The Empirite item, which can be obtained in the Dominion Ruins, will increase the chances of a successful upgrade.

New military Boosts

Use more powerful military Boosts that you can only earn by performing certain actions in the game.

  • 10-Minute Troop Increase, +3250%
  • 10-Minute Increased Offense, +100%
  • 10-Minute Increased Defense, +100%

Grand Alpha Assailants and Apostate Masters

Do you slay Assailants and Apostates without breaking a sweat? Get ready for stronger enemies – Grand Alpha Assailants and Apostate Masters will soon be appearing on the map. Defeat them and get even more valuable prizes as your reward.

Discover the new features of Throne: Kingdom at War. The update will blow you away with its sheer scale!