Throne:Kingdom at War

An update to Throne

In Throne: Kingdom at War, an update has been released – even more exciting battles await you in Amaria!


  • The “10-Minute Troop Increase, +460%” Boost. Increase the number of troops on a march and overpower your enemy!
  • The “10-Minute Raid Troop Headcount, +955%” Boost. Increase the headcount of a troop that you are sending on a Raid. Your rivals will panic as soon as they see your Order’s armies.
  • The “Training Limit, +7300% for 10 minutes” Boost. Create a huge army and send it into battle. Make your dreams of grand battles come true!

Don’t forget that you need to activate Boosts before sending your warriors on a march or starting processes.

Enjoy these new advantages – they will make you even stronger!

Added at the request of our Lords

Added at the request of our Lords:

  • An increased minimum distance between Order Citadels. Now you can build Citadels on the Kingdom map at a minimum distance of 16 tiles from each other.
  • Synchronization with your Plarium ID. Linking your Plarium ID will let you transfer your progress between your browser and mobile devices. Play Throne: Kingdom at War wherever you like!
  • A new format for sending coordinates. Sharing information about locations and Lords has become even more convenient. For example, the player’s name and Order’s tag are now sent along with the Town’s coordinates.
  • Improved sorting of Boosts, as well as of Marching Speed-up items in the “Boost process” window. You can easily find the Boosts and items you need, as they are displayed in descending order of the value or duration of the bonus.

This update to the Throne: Kingdom at War game will allow you to use new tactics. Unleash all of your military talent!

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