Throne:Kingdom at War


In Throne: Kingdom at War, the Apostates are the Inquisition’s sworn enemies. They set up dark cults, make sacrifices, and terrorize ordinary people. It’s time to stand up to them! Find out how to fight the Apostates and what reward you can get for doing so.

How to find Apostates

You will find them on the Kingdom map. The most resilient are near the center of the map and in the Dark Forest that surrounds the Eternal Stronghold. Weaker Apostates lie closer to the edge of the map.


How to fight the Apostates

To fight against the Apostates, you need an Inquisitor. The Hero cannot resist these enemies, since Heroes have their own foes: the Assailants.

With every attack, the Inquisitor spends a special resource called Faith, which is restored over time and can also be replenished using the Inquisitor’s Faith item. In Throne: Kingdom at War, the Apostates can be from level 1 to 6. The higher the level, the more Faith is required to attack.

To start fighting an Apostate, conduct the Unlock Apostates Study of the corresponding level.

Rewards for fighting the Apostates

The rewards depend on the enemy’s level; inflict the maximum damage on the strongest Apostates in order to get the best trophies. These might be rune shards, which are necessary for crafting runes and enhancing equipment, or other items that are useful in the Throne: Kingdom at War game.

To receive more rewards, pay heed to the following advice:

  • Perform a sustained attack on the same Apostate, i.e. attack one Apostate two or more times within an hour
  • Upgrade the Inquisitor’s Doctrines
  • Use Boosts
  • Conduct Studies related to the Inquisitor’s offensive abilities

Carry the light of the Inquisition to the darkest corners of the Kingdom, defeat the Apostates, and enjoy your hard-won trophies!