Throne:Kingdom at War


In Throne: Kingdom at War, Assailants are special opponents that invade your Kingdom. In this article, read how to attack them and what you can get for doing so.

How to fight the Assailants in Throne: Kingdom at War

In Throne: Kingdom at War, killing Assailants is the prerogative of your Hero or your Hero’s Double. The Hero must have enough Stamina to attack them.

Assailants can be from level 1 to 6. The higher the invaders’ level, the more health they have and the more Stamina the Hero spends to defeat them. However, battling against strong opponents will bring your defender more Experience and you will earn additional points in Tournaments.

Do you want to get a valuable reward? Inflict the maximum damage on your opponent! To do so, during the course of an hour, send your Hero to attack the same enemy, use Boosts, upgrade your Hero’s Skills in the Against Assailants category, and conduct Studies.

Remember: you can only send your Hero to fight an Assailant if the necessary Studies have been conducted. For example, the “Unlock Assailants I” Study allows you to fight level 1 enemies.

Throne: Kingdom at War. Alpha Assailants

How to find Assailants

In Throne: Kingdom at War, Assailants can be found on the Kingdom map. The weaker enemies are along the edges of the playing field, while the strongest enemies are in the center of the map and in the territory of the Dark Forest. In addition, you will encounter Alpha Assailants in the vicinity of the Eternal Stronghold. Battling these Assailants demands extremely thorough preparation, since they are very tough and can withstand the Hero’s attacks for a long time.

The Outpost allows you to find out what opponents are around your Town and how many of them there are. Select it, then go the Watchman tab, and tap the line you need in the drop-down list.

The reward for fighting an Assailant

In Throne: Kingdom at War, Assailant drops are the valuable reward that you receive for attacking these enemies. You can get VIP points, Gold, resources, jewels, and much more. The most prized drops are the Assailant materials that are needed to craft equipment with increased bonuses.

Alpha Assailants are the strongest opponents in Throne: Kingdom at War. For fighting them, you can get the materials of the four Assailants. In addition, the maximum Experience and number of points in Tournaments are awarded for attacking them. Apply this knowledge, and you will have an advantage in the game!

After your Hero destroys the invader, the Assailant’s Camp will appear. There, you can obtain resources, as well as the materials of the defeated foe. In Throne: Kingdom at War, an Assailant’s Camp is captured in the same way as the other resource locations – by sending troops there.

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