Throne:Kingdom at War

Battle is inevitable! The Nomad is in the Kingdom!

A red sunrise greets the anxious people of the Kingdom.

Trackers tell of furious warriors that have appeared on the borders of your lands and are plundering villages!

The prophecy of a dying sage speaks of a day when heralded by a bloody sunrise, a cruel Nomad will invade the Kingdom, burn and plundering the towns and villages in his path. My Lord, this day has come. The wastelands are engulfed in crimson flame, the furious Assailant is plundering the lands of the Lords!

His arrows are as sharp as needles and never miss their target. Those who fight against this Nomad have no chance of survival. Hurry and send the Hero to attack this deadly wanderer to prevent the deaths of your people and guard your holdings. Defeat the enemy with the honor and bravery of a noble Lord so that your name will live on in legends!