Throne:Kingdom at War

Battle on the Isles

There’s now a new epic Tournament in the Throne: Kingdom at War game – the “Battle on the Isles.” It consists of a series of battles between Orders and takes place in a special location – the Royal Isles.

The participants’ main task is to defend their own Forts and attack the enemy ones. The Order that earns the most points for destroying these new Castles wins.

Epic Tournament Battle on the Isles

Apply to participate in the Tournament “Battle on the Isles”

For an Order to be able to participate in the epic Battle on the Isles Tournament, its Master or a Counselor needs to apply and select the most convenient time period to fight.

The conditions for participation:

  • The Order must have been formed at least 30 minutes before the Tournament was announced
  • The Kingdom must be at least 30 days old
  • The Order must have at least 250,000,000,000 Power points

Attack and defend Forts successfully

Forts are Castles that are located on the Royal Isles. They become available during the Tournament. Neutral troops — Isle Guards — and resources can be found there.

To relocate to the Royal Isles, use the Journey to the Isles item. You can get this item and the Return from the Isles item for free by opening the Tournament box in the Events window.

The Tournament consists of alternating phases – attack and defense. The defending Order from the first phase will be attacking enemy Forts in the next phase, and vice versa. Who attacks first is determined at random.

The phases are divided into the preparation period (the time allocated for troop distribution) and the Assault period (the battles themselves).

An Order can enhance the defenses of its Forts by using traps, which provide bonuses against certain troop types. Before setting traps, however, your Order will need to upgrade them to level 1 in a special building of the Order Citadel – the Trap Workshop.

Earn points during the Tournament and gain victory

In the epic Battle on the Isles Tournament, points are added for:

  • Destroying the opposing Order’s Forts
  • Killing enemy warriors

Please note that the following warriors are considered to be enemies:

  • Warriors belonging to Lords from the opposing Order
  • Warriors belonging to other Lords who are on the Royal Isles
  • Isle Guards

Points for killing enemy warriors count towards both personal and Order achievements.

The Order that earns the most points for destroying Forts wins. If the score is tied, the alliance that earns the most points for killing warriors wins.

The winning Order receives military bonuses as a reward. These bonuses are active for seven days.

An epoch of epic Tournaments has begun in the Throne: Kingdom at War game. Rally your Order, equip your armies, prepare traps, and may the strongest win!