Throne:Kingdom at War


In Throne: Kingdom at War, Boosts are enhancements that temporarily increase your economic and military stats. To open the list of Boosts, go to the Town screen or the Kingdom map and hit the icon on the right-hand side at the top of the screen.

In the game, there are five Boost categories that enhance different stats:

  • Army
  • Resources
  • Bonuses
  • Leaders
  • Favorites

If you want to get quick access to any of the enhancements, mark them with a star in order to add them to your Favorites. Done! Now, in any situation, you will easily be able to find the Boost you need.


Military Boosts

How can you increase the chances of gaining victory? Apply enhancements from the Army category, such as the Increased Defense and Enemy Warrior Defense Boosts. The former is for increasing the defense of your warriors, and the latter is for reducing the enemy army’s defense. The right combination of enhancements can turn the tide of battle in your favor!

In Throne: Kingdom at War, the Boost for Town Defense is in the same category. Hit it and apply the Inaccessibility item in the new window. While it is active, enemies cannot attack your Town. But remember that in Throne: Kingdom at War, Inaccessibility will end earlier if you send your troops on the attack or to scout something out.

Economic Boosts

Boosts make everything faster: resource production in the Town and resource yielding in locations, building construction, warrior training, conducting Studies, and much more. Note that you need to activate a Boost before starting the corresponding process, rather than after it. For example, activate the Study Speed-up Boost first, and then conduct the Study you need.

In Throne: Kingdom at War, your economy plays a key role in gathering your military might, developing the Town, your Hero, and Inquisitor, so don’t forget to use economic Boosts!

Boosts for leaders

In the Throne: Kingdom at War world, there is a special category of enhancements for leaders. By applying these enhancements, you can speed up your Hero’s Stamina restoration so that your warlord can attack Assailants more frequently. You can also increase the Hero’s and Inquisitor’s Experience and make your leaders stronger in the short term.

In Throne: Kingdom at War, Boosts are an indispensable help for any Lord. Whichever play style you prefer, these enhancements will help you achieve better results!