Throne:Kingdom at War


In Throne: Kingdom at War, Cardinals are mighty counselors that help Lords both in battle and Town development.

Conclave of Cardinals

Cardinals can be summoned in the Conclave of Cardinals (this building becomes available once the Palace reaches level 18). There you can also enhance your assistants and find out what Chamber they belong to.

In Throne: Kingdom at War, Cardinals can be enhanced in different ways:

  • For Gold
  • For resources
  • Using Trophies of Arms

Increase the building level in order to unlock and enhance new Cardinals.

Cardinals’ bonuses

In Throne: Kingdom at War, Cardinals give economic and military bonuses.

For example, Laurie Argent will help develop your Town. He speeds up studying and increases troop capacity. Edmondo the Crimson speeds up construction.

Heidar the Shining will help improve your military stats. He gives a bonus to ranged offense and health, cavalry defense, and marching speed.

Use these advantages to enhance your army and upgrade your Town.

Conflict of Cardinals

Originally, in Throne: Kingdom at War, Cardinals were allies, but then, because of some insurmountable issues, they became divided and formed the Moon, Sun, and Twilight Chambers.

All three Chambers compete with each other and have their own advantages and disadvantages:

  • The Twilight Chamber is strong against the Sun Chamber
  • The Sun Chamber is strong against the Moon Chamber
  • The Moon Chamber is strong against the Twilight Chamber

Conflict of Cardinals

Find out what Chamber the enemy Lord’s Cardinal belongs to and summon a counselor from the opposing Chamber.

Obtain the Cardinals’ support – it will help you on your way to great deeds!