Throne:Kingdom at War

Castles in the Throne game

A Castle in the Throne: Kingdom at War game is a special location that contains resources and is guarded by other Lords’ armies or neutral troops.

The following structures fall into the category of Castles in the Throne: Kingdom at War game:

Game castles

The Eternal Stronghold

There is an Eternal Stronghold at the center of every Kingdom’s map, surrounded by the Dark Forest.

The Master of whichever Order manages to capture the Eternal Stronghold and hold it for a certain period of time becomes the King. By doing so, the King gets Silver, Order Points, and the right to give Reputations to Lords of the Kingdom.

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The Rampart of the Emperor

The Rampart of the Emperor lies at the center of the Dominion island and is surrounded by the Forest of Ancients. You can only relocate there during the era-defining Conquest of the Dominion Tournament.

The Lord who holds the Rampart longer than anyone else becomes the Emperor and gets lots of valuable rewards!

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The Order Citadel

The Order Citadel is a Castle that an Order can construct in its Kingdom.

When the Order Citadel reaches level 4, the Arena will become available for construction. This building will allow the Order to announce Championships, during which you can defend the Order Citadel from attacks by foreign troops and other Lords’ armies. For destroying these warriors, you will earn Trophies of Arms and points in Tournaments.

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Rebels’ Towers

In the Throne: Kingdom at War game, Rebels’ Towers are Castles that periodically appear in the Kingdoms during the Kingdoms War: Rebellion Tournament.

In the Rebels’ Towers, you will find resources and rebel troops who are prepared to defend against Lords’ attacks. The higher the level of a Tower, the more resources and defenders it contains.

Doing battle in Castles is an excellent way to earn Trophies of Arms and points in Tournaments. May glory be yours on the battlefield!