Throne:Kingdom at War


The Hero is a fearless warlord and defender of the Kingdom who is in the service of the Lord.

In Throne: Kingdom at War, the Hero not only leads the ruler’s troops but also fights against Assailants and influences Town development.

You can create your Hero by selecting a Guise and thinking of the Hero’s name.

Heroes in Throne: Kingdom at War

Hero’s Skills

In Throne: Kingdom at War, Hero’s Skill points are needed to upgrade the Hero. You can get points by gaining Experience and increasing the Hero’s level in different ways: upgrading buildings, conducting Studies, accomplishing Errands, and so on.

The points you earn can be spent on Hero’s Skills that give bonuses to military and economic characteristics. For example, you can increase your army’s health or the speed at which Studies are conducted.

In Throne: Kingdom at War, the Hero also receives Experience for fighting Assailants. With every blow, the Hero uses up Stamina, but it is restored after a while. By fighting an Assailant, the Hero can gain not only Experience but also rare materials necessary for crafting special equipment.

Hero’s equipment

In Throne: Kingdom at War, Skill points are not the only way to make your Hero stronger. In the Workshop, you can also craft equipment that influences various characteristics. The crafted gear can be enhanced with jewels and runes.

Each piece of equipment gives certain bonuses that will help you both in time of peace and in time of war. Select several different sets of equipment in order to quickly switch between them if necessary.

Hero’s Profiles

In Throne: Kingdom at War, the Hero’s Profile is needed to save various sets of Skills and combinations of equipment that are suitable for different situations. For example, one Profile might be used for Town development and another one for battles.

Make your Hero the mightiest warrior in all of Amaria!