Throne:Kingdom at War

Hero’s Skills

In Throne: Kingdom at War, Hero’s Skills provide bonuses to military and economic stats. You can upgrade any Skill, but you will require Skill points in order to do so.

Hero’s Skills are divided into three categories:

Let’s look at them in detail.

Bonuses from Hero Skills


Main Hero’s Skills are most useful in battle. Weaken the enemy army by upgrading the Reduced Enemy Defense and Reduced Enemy Offense Skills. Alternatively, strengthen your own troops by upgrading the Army Health and Army Defense Skills.

The bonuses from Hero’s Skills will not only help you yourself, but also your allies to fight an enemy. Upgrade the Raid Troop Headcount and Raid Troop Offense Skills to enhance joint attacks performed by your Order.

Main Hero’s Skills are also useful for economic development. Improving such Skills as Silver Collection and Resource Production will speed up the accumulation of resources, which you need to upgrade your Town.

In Throne: Kingdom at War, Hero’s Skills save you resources. For example, you can upgrade the Studying Cost Skill to reduce your expenditure on Studies.

Against Assailants

As well as leading troops and managing your Town’s economy, your Hero also fights Assailants. Upgrade Skills in this category to enhance your Hero’s attacks against Assailants. For example, the Enhanced Attack Skill will increase the number of consecutive attacks that provide a bonus to offense as part of a sustained attack.


Elite Skills also provide bonuses to military and economic stats, however Skills in this category only become available when your Hero reaches level 61.

Upgrade useful Hero’s Skills to gain an advantage over your opponents.