Throne:Kingdom at War

Hyper farming

In this article, we’ll tell you what hyper farms are in Throne, as well as share a table with tips on how to increase your resource production.

In Throne: Kingdom at War game hyper farming is about filling your Town with resource buildings that produce only one type of resource, with the aim of boosting its production. When players say “hyper farm,” they mean a Town where all resource buildings produce a single resource.

If you decide to pack your Town with resource buildings that produce one type of resource, you can still get other types of resources by requesting them from your Order members.

Now, here is that table with tips:

Hyper farming Throne: Kingdom at War

Level 31–40 resource buildings will also give you military bonuses:

  • Farm increases the capacity of your Infirmaries
  • Stone Quarry increases your army defense
  • Mine increases your army health
  • Lumber Mill increases your army offense

Produce resources and help your Town and Order thrive. Beyond that, you will also receive military bonuses from resource buildings.