Throne:Kingdom at War

Influence the future of the game

The Throne: Kingdom at War developers take inspiration from our Lords’ glorious victories and are continuously improving the game.

Only onward, only together

The Throne: Kingdom at War strategy game is constantly developing and becoming even more fascinating thanks to players’ suggestions, wise and noble warriors that they are!

The mini-map, as well as the alteration to the expiration time of Reputations and the Assault status in the Eternal Stronghold; these all are suggestions from Lords that have been included in the Throne: Kingdom at War strategy game.

Be brave in sharing your ideas with us! Every single player’s opinion is important to Throne: Kingdom at War developers!

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How to contact the developers

There are a couple of ways of doing so:

That’s not all that you can do on the forum and in the official communities. You can also:

  • Take part in fun prize draws, as well as solve riddles and brain teasers.
  • Share your experience and inspire like-minded players to gain glorious victories.
  • Communicate with other Lords, search for allies, and keep an eye out for updates.
  • Study infographics to become even wiser.

Do you have any ideas on how to improve Amaria? Then write to us and together we will make the Throne: Kingdom at War game even better!