Throne:Kingdom at War


In Throne: Kingdom at War, Inquisitors are the servants of the light, the protectors of virtue, and your loyal aides. They are able to fight unique enemies – Apostates – on the Kingdom map. They can also lead your troops on marches and give bonuses to the military and economic stats of your army and Town.

How to summon an Inquisitor

Inquisitors can be summoned in the Hall of Justice – a building you can construct when you have upgraded the Palace to level 12. After doing so, Adrian Architect will be available to you. You will need Inquisitors’ Candles to increase Adrian’s Dignity or summon other Inquisitors.

In Throne: Kingdom at War, Inquisitors’ Candles can be obtained during Tournaments, the titles of which contain the name of the relevant defender of the faith (for example, Grand Inquisition: Vigo’s Candles).

Throne: Kingdom at War Inquisitors

The Inquisitors’ Blessings and Doctrines

After you summon and appoint Inquisitors, they give you their Blessings – passive bonuses to various stats. Thus, Adrian Architect improves the economic stats of your Town, while Marc One Strike influences the offense, defense, health, and training cost of spearmen.

One more way to receive more bonuses is to upgrade Inquisitors’ Doctrines using Doctrine points. They are given to you each time the protectors of light level up.

Inquisitors’ equipment

You can get even more advantages by crafting and upgrading Inquisitors’ equipment. Legendary equipment enhanced with jewels and runes gives the maximum possible bonuses.


In medieval Kingdoms, there were always trouble-makers, heretics, and mystics. These roles are filled by the Throne: Kingdom at War Apostates. The Inquisitors’ main task is to fight them.

By attacking Apostates and yielding resources from their Crypts, you can get useful items as well as rune shards, which can be fused into runes in the Rune Workshop. This building is available when your Palace reaches level 12.

Apostates can be of different levels, where level 1 is the lowest and level 6 – the highest. To be able to attack enemies of a higher level and receive more valuable rewards, conduct Studies in the Inquisitors category (for example, Unlock Apostates II).

Each attack saps Faith from a servant of the light. It will restore over time, but if you don’t want to wait, use the Inquisitor’s Faith item. You can find this in the Item Store or get it as a reward for various game actions.

Don’t miss your chance to become even more mighty – summon an Inquisitor!