Throne:Kingdom at War

Kingdom map

In Throne: Kingdom at War, the map of the Kingdom is the area where other Lords’ Towns, resource locations, Castles, Assailants, and Apostates are situated.

Resource locations

If there aren’t enough resources in your Town, send your troops to resource locations. Food is produced in the Hunters Settlement, and Lumber in the Loggers Camp. Stone is yielded in the Stone Pit, Iron in the Ore Mine, and Silver in the Fief. The Gold Mine provides Gold.

In Throne: Kingdom at War, resource locations have different levels that influence the amount of resources and the speed at which they are yielded. The closer the locations are to the center of the map, the higher their level.

Resources in Throne: Kingdom at War


Other Lords’ Towns can be found on the Throne: Kingdom at War map. You can attack enemy Towns marked with a red flag, and their owners can attack you.

Your allies’ Towns have a green flag. You can exchange resources and reinforcements with these Lords.

If you accept an opposing Lord into your Order, this Lord will become your ally and the red color of the flag above this Lord’s Town will be replaced with a green one.

Assailants and Apostates

Besides the Lords, there are Assailants and Apostates in the Kingdom. They want to capture your lands and do harm to the inhabitants, but the Hero and the Inquisitor can prevent this.

Order your Hero to attack Assailants and receive various items and the Assailants’ materials as a reward. If you send the Inquisitor to attack Apostates, you will get items and rune shards. The latter can be used to make runes.


The main Castle in the Kingdom is the Eternal Stronghold, which is in the center of the map. Only the strongest Orders will be able to hold it and receive special privileges.

Throne: Kingdom at War Castles

During the Kingdoms War: Rebellion Tournament, temporary Castles – Rebels’ Towers appear on the map. Lords can fight against the troops that are there or send reinforcements if the Rebels’ Towers appear in their home Kingdom.

In Throne: Kingdom at War, the Kingdom map is the place where you can find many useful and interesting things. Open it frequently and study the exciting world of Throne: Kingdom at War!