Throne:Kingdom at War

Lords stories

In the Throne: Kingdom at War game, Lords face lots of challenges, but valuable knowledge will help you cope with them.

Rulers often ask:

  • How is it best to develop your Order?
  • What type of troops should I upgrade?
  • Which Boosts should I use?

You may find answers to these and other questions on the official forum, in the Fan Guides section, and on the community page.

Winners in Throne: Kingdom at War

Knowledge is power

Many players come up with their own tactics just based on their knowledge. However, in the Throne: Kingdom at War game, you shouldn’t disregard other Lords’ wisdom.

In the Lords stories section of the forum, experienced rulers share the secrets that help them to develop more quickly and be victorious in Tournaments. This is also where they tell their amazing stories related to the game.

Make use of other Lords’ admonition and gain experience. That’s how you’ll become even stronger!