Throne:Kingdom at War


In Throne: Kingdom at War, an Order is an alliance of Lords united by their desire for victory. By joining one, you get the opportunity to take part in Raids, send and receive reinforcements, speed up construction and studying, and do much more.

Allies in Throne: Kingdom at War

How to create an Order

If you desire to create an Order, you will need 1,000 Gold.

Your future victorious alliance cannot do without a powerful name, memorable emblem, description, and a set of rules – the Order Code. You will have to think through all this in the start-up phase of Order creation. In addition, you need to decide whether admission to your Order will be open or regulated. In the latter case, Lords who want to join your Order will have to send a request.

Become the Master

The Master is the head and the mightiest member of the Order. Among other things, the Master can grant allies the ranks of:

  • Recruit
  • Warrior
  • Marshal
  • Counsellor

The current Master can also transfer power to another Order member.

Counsellors enjoy many privileges and help to manage the Order. So, if you are the Master, select these assistants carefully!

Enjoy the benefits

Order members can exchange resources with each other. In Throne: Kingdom at War, resources are exchanged using the Port. The higher its level, the more cargo you will be able to send.

Also, allies can help each other speed up the processes in their Towns. To do so, you need to hit a special icon in the bottom left-hand corner, and then the “Help” or “Help all” buttons.

A Lord who does this will earn Personal and Order Points. These can be used in the Order Store. The Counsellors and Master purchase items for Order Points. Then any member of the Order can purchase these items for Personal Points.

Win with the help of the alliance

In Throne: Kingdom at War, the Order provides not only support, but also the ability to engage in battle as effectively as possible. By uniting with allies, you will be able to send and receive reinforcements, take part in special Tournaments, and carry out joint attacks – Raids.

In Throne: Kingdom at War, a Raid is an attack conducted by several Lords simultaneously on an enemy Town. Remember that you can also be attacked. To improve your Town defense, ask your allies to send you reinforcements. If your Town is attacked, these troops will also start to fight and help defend it.

Create your own Order or join an existing one and lead it to victory. What can be more honorable than your allies’ appreciation?