Throne:Kingdom at War

Orders War

In Throne: Kingdom at War, the Orders War is a worldwide Tournament where Orders from different Kingdoms fight against each other.

You can take part in it if, at the moment of the Tournament announcement:

  • You are an Order member
  • Your alliance has earned at least 5,000,000 Power points
  • Thirty days have passed since your Kingdom’s foundation
  • Your Order was created before the Tournament appeared in the “Soon to be active” box in the Events window
  • There is an opponent available for your Order


Earning points

To earn points, you need to complete the Tournament tasks either in your home Kingdom or in the enemy Kingdom. Remember: you will get more points for actions you perform in enemy territory.

To relocate between Kingdoms, use the Invasion or Return items. You can receive these for free after the announcement of the Orders War or during the Tournament itself, and you can also purchase them in the Bonuses tab of the Item Store.


There are seven categories of tasks in the Orders War:

  1. Battles in Towns and resource locations.
  2. Battles in the Eternal Stronghold.
  3. Battles in the Order Citadel.
  4. Destroying enemy warriors.
  5. Hunting Assailants and Apostates, and yielding resources in resource locations.
  6. Training, healing, and resurrecting warriors.
  7. Gaining Power and developing the Order Citadel.

The alliance that leads in the most categories wins.


In Throne: Kingdom at War, the Orders War is a major event. Take part in it and earn rewards:

  • For checkpoints (1–10). For this, you need to earn at least one point in one of the task categories.
  • For legendary checkpoints (1–15). For this, you need to earn a certain number of points for personal achievements in the Tournament.

In addition, bonuses that speed up processes in the winning Order’s Citadel and its members’ Towns will be active for seven days. Lords from this alliance who earned at least one point in the Tournament will get Amber Shards, and its Master will get additional resources, as well as other rewards. Remember: if a Lord became the Master of the Order after the Tournament announcement, he or she will be unable to receive this reward.

Be victorious in the Orders War to glorify your alliance and become even stronger!