Throne:Kingdom at War


Resources in Throne: Kingdom at War are required for many processes, such as constructing and upgrading buildings, conducting Studies, and training troops.

There are two types of resources:


Standard resources

This refers to Food, Lumber, Iron, Stone, Silver, and Gold.

You can see the amount of these resources in your Town on the panel at the top of the screen.

How to get standard resources

Resource Buildings

Produce them in your Town

In your Town, you can produce any standard resources, except Gold. You will need special buildings:

  • Farms to produce Food
  • Lumber Mills to produce Lumber
  • Mines to produce Iron
  • Quarries to produce Stone
  • Houses to produce Silver

To speed up resource production, use:

Earn them in Tournaments

In Amaria, Tournaments between Lords, Orders, and Kingdoms take place every day. Participate in them and receive Gold as a reward.

Gather them in various locations

To receive resources, you can send your troops to the following locations:

Plunder them from other Lords’ Towns

Send your troops to attack enemy Towns to get resources. Amarian Lords will protect their savings, so watch out for traps.

You can obtain any standard resources except Gold in this way. But remember: if you attack a Town that’s below level 6, you won’t get anything even in case of a successful attack.

Earn them by completing Quests and Errands, opening Lord’s Coffers and Treasure

Performing these actions yields various useful items in addition to resources.

Accept carts from Order members

Order members can support you in your hour of need by sending you carts with Food, Lumber, Iron, Stone, or Silver. Just ask your allies!

Purchase them in the Item Store or in the Bank

You can always purchase standard resources in the Store and in the Bank as part of Bank offers. You can also buy many Boosts and items there.

Special resources in the Order Citadel

To get these resources, Order members must send standard resources as contributions to the Citadel. Then resources need to be transformed.

The Order will get:

  • Rations from Food
  • Planks from Lumber
  • Cast Iron from Iron
  • Marble from Stone
  • Tokens from Silver

Special resources are used in the Order Citadel only. These are required for various processes: for example, you can conduct Studies in the Scholars’ Hall and construct buildings by using special resources.

Use all your talent to get more resources. The more resources, the more possibilities!