Throne:Kingdom at War

Seasons and the Seasonal Store

Seasons have been added to Throne: Kingdom at War. These are a new kind of event in the Tournaments tab. Each Season has its own name and assortment of items in the Seasonal Store.

The Seasonal Store opens at the beginning of each Season and closes 72 hours after the Season ends. To make purchases you will need ducats. To earn ducats you must be in the Third League or higher and take part in seasonal personal Tournaments.

What you can purchase in the Seasonal Store

Use ducats in the Seasonal Store to purchase unique items:

  • Seasonal Chests containing valuable in-game loot
  • Townscapes that give economic and military bonuses
  • Unique Hero’s Guises that also provide bonuses.

The contents of the Seasonal Store will make you stronger. Become the hero of Amaria!