Throne:Kingdom at War

The Dominion Ruins: how to explore them

The Dominion Ruins are the remains of the ancient Empire on the island. Marauders and adventure seekers sail here in search of treasure. Lords whose Palace has reached level 10 and above can enter the Ruins.

Here we describe how to explore the Dominion Ruins in the Throne game.

Throne Game

Head for the Base Camp

To do this, go to the Expedition Center near your Town’s Port. From there you’ll get to the Base Camp on the island, where you’ll be able to prepare your Adventurers for the expedition to the Dominion Ruins.

At the Base Camp you will find:

Adventurers’ Tavern

Adventurers' Tavern

Dominion Workshop

Dominion Workshop

Dominion Store

Dominion Store

Entrance to the Dominion Ruins

Dominion Ruins

Read more about these buildings in the article about the Dominion Ruins update.

Set out on a journey through the streets of the ancient town

There are buildings on the streets – explore them in search of treasure. The Dominion Keys will help to enter them.

Buildings consist of halls. Once you finish exploring the halls you’ll get bonuses, rewards, and Adventurer’s Experience. You can encounter Marauders and their Leaders in these halls, or find a Coffer with treasures.

When you completely explore all the buildings on one street, you’ll get a Dominion Coffer and bonuses to your Town stats. Continue exploring new streets to earn more rewards.

Fight Marauders and their Leaders

These are the deserters from Amaria. Leaders have bandit nicknames, and their stats are more powerful than those of ordinary Marauders.

Battles are turn-based. You choose zones to hit and defend: head, chest, arms, stomach, or legs, and attack. Your opponent does the same. The fight ends when you or the enemy have no health points left.

Don’t want to pick these zones yourself? Turn on auto battle and the AI will do everything for you.

If you lose a fight or want to quit, you’ll leave the Dominion Ruins and have to re-explore the building.

Equip the Adventurer and set forth to the Dominion in search of treasure!