Throne:Kingdom at War

The game’s music and visual design

The developers of the Throne: Kingdom at War game set themselves the important goal of immersing users into the game’s fictional world. To do so, they paid close attention to the soundtrack as well as the game design when creating the project.

The developers used a fantasy medieval style, but decided to abandon the rigid realism of the Middle Ages and any grotesque fantasy elements. This helped to make the project unique.


Troops are the central focus of the Throne: Kingdom at War game, since it is they who facilitate in-game battles. To make the warriors more realistic, the artists sought to recreate real medieval weapons and armor.

Character Design Warrior

There are currently seven types of troops in Throne. Each new tier is stronger than the previous one, and this is emphasized visually: warriors look more majestic, and their weapons look more threatening.

In addition, all troops have their own distinct style. For example, the knights who took part in the Third Crusade became the prototype for the Phoenix Brotherhood.


In the Throne: Kingdom at War game, Inquisitors help fight against Apostates, and also provide economic and military bonuses.

Inquisitor Art

According to the original idea by the developers of Throne: Kingdom at War, the Inquisitors were designed to look like strong warriors who serve a fictional god of the sun. To emphasize this, the game artists rendered elements of the Inquisitors’ clothing and building in a golden hue. Masks complete their image and enhance their sense of mystery.

Music in the game

The Throne: Kingdom at War game wouldn’t be quite as atmospheric without its epic soundtrack. The music creates the right mood and immerses players into the world of Amarian battles.

Throne Room

You can listen to the official Throne: Kingdom at War soundtrack on the official Soundcloud and Youtube channels.

Medieval Music

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