Throne:Kingdom at War

The History of the Dominion

We have previously written about the amazing world of the Throne: Kingdom at War game. It’s time to tell you about the most mysterious place that lies beyond Amaria’s borders – the Dominion.

Discovering the Dominion

Amarian travelers accidentally discovered this island. Their ship crashed and the current washed the sailors up on the shore. When they regained consciousness, they immediately went to explore the mysterious lands.

Rampart of the Emperor

The secrets of the Rampart of the Emperor

Inland, the Amarians found a deserted city, in the middle of which stood a magnificent castle – the Rampart of the Emperor. A whole host of wonderful artifacts and other treasures were being stored in it. But the Rampart’s wonders didn’t cease there. While some of the travelers were thinking about how to make off with all the riches, others were studying the ancient writings in the library.

Among the books, which were written in an unknown language, the researchers found several scrolls that they were able to tread. One of the scrolls told a story about a mighty Empire that once governed the whole island, while the other scrolls contained pictures of intimidating creatures.

Awakening the Ancients

The travelers realized that couldn’t explore the island on their own. They built small boats and returned to Amaria, taking with them as much treasure as they could carry.

Having cast off from the shore, they noticed a dark silhouette coming from the gloom of the forest. It was Taurus, the ancient defender of the Dominion, just as they had seen depicted in the scrolls.

The Amarians had to get properly prepared before coming back to the island: the Dominion’s guards had awoken and were ready to defend their lands!

Amarian scholars haven’t yet found out where the Dominion’s inhabitants disappeared to. But you can! Suggest your ideas in the comments on the Throne: Kingdom at War game forum.