Throne:Kingdom at War

The world of the game

The Throne: Kingdom at War game is a strategy that immerses players in a wonderful world, the story of which they write themselves. The key events play out in Amaria: Lords gather masses of troops, create Orders, and take part in grand Tournaments. But what goes on beyond the Kingdoms? How many countries are there in this world? In this article, we’ll give you all the answers.

Castle and horseman


The great continent is divided into many Kingdoms that wage war against one another. Many years ago, the legendary King Gerhard managed to unite these lands for a while, but his death and the absence of a legal heir plunged Amaria into continuous wars once again.

Amidst this eternal struggle for power, the number of talented rulers on the continent is growing. Their Towns are flourishing and they are served by brave Heroes and Inquisitors. It is these leaders who rose up to defend the lands when their enemies, the Assailants and Apostates, invaded Amaria.


To the south of the Amarian lands lies Doghr, a country of arid desert, exotic weapons, and luxurious goods. Unlike Amaria, peace reigns in this state, but if an enemy appears, the Doghrish rulers will immediately raise armies to defend their country.


The island country of Whesse lies to the north. The harsh environment and the enmity between the ruling clans have toughened up the people that live there, making them resilient, brave, and even desperate. Despite Whesse’s small size, hardly anybody would dare to attack these proud and highly belligerent people.

Southern Archipelago

The southern seas contain many small islands, the inhabitants of which survive by fishing. Areas of fertile land are a precious asset here, and they are a matter of controversy among the local rulers, the barons, who impose exorbitant taxes on ordinary folk. The barons’ feuds and intrigues have resulted in growing lawlessness, including piracy on the Archipelago.


In ancient times, a mighty civilization prospered on this island. Mysteries, pieces of knowledge, and an amazing Castle, the Rampart of the Emperor, were all left behind by this civilization.

Amarian scholars study the Dominion, hoping to find out more about its history, but they haven’t yet made any major discoveries.

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