Throne:Kingdom at War

Tier VIII. The best warriors in the game world

Since the update, warriors from the Adomi Brotherhood have appeared in the game world of Throne: Kingdom at War. In this article we will tell you who they are, where they came from, and how you can hire them.

The place of origin of these mysterious warriors

A long time ago in the game world, there was a great Empire on the Dominion island. The Adomi people lived there. The Empire fell under mysterious circumstances, and those who survived moved to another island. There, they spent centuries honing their combat prowess and founded the warrior brotherhood. The skillful warriors can fight both with a weapon and without it.

Isolated from the world, the islanders have managed to preserve their identity. The Adomi warriors honor their ancestral traditions and cherish the history of their people, and so they often explore the Dominion Ruins searching for new knowledge and relics. In these lands they have met Lords from Amaria.

How to hire the Adomi warriors

Rulers of Amaria were very impressed with the Adomi’s military skills, and decided to invite them to their service. Skillful warriors are ready to join any Lord’s army in exchange for Trophies of Arms.

Adomi Brotherhood troop types

Spearmen: Feciarn’s Messengers

Spearmen: Feciarn's Messengers

The priest Feciarn, who was especially revered among the descendants of the Dominion’s inhabitants, once sensed his own imminent death and ordered that his chosen warriors gather before him. He performed a sacred rite and then proclaimed: “You great spearmen, bring glory to our people. I designate you as my Messengers!”

Cavalry: Dominion Whirlwinds

Cavalry: Dominion Whirlwinds

Since looters appeared in the Dominion, these warriors travel nightly to the Ruins to protect the remaining relics of their people. Their cavalry is as swift as a hurricane, sweeping away all obstacles in their path, hence the nickname “Whirlwinds.”

Ranged: Diarda’s Hunters

Ranged: Diarda's Hunters

These warriors are named after Diarda, the goddess of the hunt who was once worshipped by the Dominion’s inhabitants. The Adomi still honor their ancestral tradition: before every battle, these ranged warriors seek the favor of their patron goddess. Their accuracy and dexterity are unrivaled.

Knights: Imperial Punishers

Knights: Imperial Punishers

“The mask, the fangs, the long, spiked sword – when I saw it, I ran away, terrified!” – these are the words of an Amarian who dared to stand in the way of an Imperial Punisher. This warrior never doubts the justice of his cause and never hesitates to swing his weapon.

Siege: Vitruvirn’s Cannons

Siege: Vitruvirn's Cannons

Vitruvirn, a military engineer, embodied the power of the Empire in his weapon. “May our descendants be proud of the Dominion’s great legacy!” he exclaimed when he began his work. Toiling day and night, he invented this giant death machine. A more terrifying siege weapon is difficult to imagine.

Scouts: Faceless Adomis

Scouts: Faceless Adomis

Silent. Dexterous. Fast. It seems like this warrior simply dissolves into the shadows when infiltrating enemy territory. To achieve this level of mastery, Faceless Adomis spent long years training in seclusion and studying the Empire’s ancient manuscripts, trying to learn the wisdom of the ages.

Lords, hire the best warriors in the Throne: Kingdom at War game world!