Throne:Kingdom at War


In Throne: Kingdom at War, Tournaments are competitions in which Lords get various prizes for taking part. Rulers who take the top positions in the ranking receive a special reward.

Tournaments can be military (entailing destroying Assailants, Apostates, and opponents’ troops) or peaceful – during these, you need to develop your Town or help your Order. Each Lord can select the Tournament he or she wants.

Tournament types

In Throne: Kingdom at War, Tournaments are divided into several types: personal, special, worldwide, and era-defining.

Surpass your enemies in a personal Tournament and become the strongest Lord in the Kingdom.

Crush an enemy Order in a special Tournament. May your Order’s emblem become a symbol of might.

Lead your Kingdom to glory in a worldwide Tournament, and you will be repaid with special regard.

Fight for the title of Emperor in an era-defining Tournament. In the Throne: Kingdom at War world, the reward for this competition is particularly valuable!

Tournaments in Throne: Kingdom at War


In Throne: Kingdom at War, Leagues are needed to even the odds for Tournament participants. As a result, novices fight against novices, and experienced Lords fight against Lords who are just as strong as they are.

There are seven Leagues. One of them is the Royal League; it is for the mightiest rulers.

The higher the League, the more valuable the reward is!


In Throne: Kingdom at War, passing checkpoints in Tournaments gives you an opportunity to get Gold and in-game items that you can use to develop your Town and enhance your army. The more such checkpoints your pass, the more generous the reward that you will receive.

May fortune smile upon you! The Kingdoms are ready to welcome the victors, and bards are ready to glorify their deeds in songs.