Throne:Kingdom at War

Update: Pacts, changes to the Orders War, and other game features

Prepare for the Throne game update! Form a Pact with your friends from another Order, capture an enemy’s Eternal Stronghold, and complete new tasks in the Orders War. Also, a female version of a special Hero’s Guise is now available.



A Pact is a union between two Orders with common interests.

Form a Pact with an Order from any Kingdom, and you will be able to:

  • Organize joint Raids
  • Send reinforcement troops to each other’s Towns and Castles, with the exception of Forts in the Battle on the Isles
  • Send carts of resources to each other
  • Speed up processes in each other’s Towns
  • Communicate in a special Pact Chat

Castle siege

Capturing an enemy’s Eternal Stronghold

During the Orders War worldwide Tournament, you will be able to capture the Eternal Stronghold in an enemy Kingdom.

Once an Order has managed to hold an enemy’s Eternal Stronghold and become its owner, the Master and Counselors will be able to give Reputations to Lords from their home Kingdom or the opposing Order’s Kingdom, regardless of whether or not these Lords are in the same Kingdom as them.

Changes to the Orders War

The “Battles in Towns and resource locations” and “Battles in the Eternal Stronghold” categories have been replaced with the “Destroying enemy warriors during offense” and “Destroying enemy warriors during defense” categories. Also, the “Capturing an enemy’s Eternal Stronghold” category has been added to the list.

The Orders War now has eight task categories:

  1. Capturing an enemy’s Eternal Stronghold.
  2. Destroying enemy warriors during offense.
  3. Destroying enemy warriors during defense.
  4. Battles in the Order Citadel.
  5. Destroying enemy warriors.
  6. Hunting Assailants and Apostates, yielding resources in resource locations.
  7. Training, healing, and resurrecting warriors.
  8. Gaining Power and developing the Order Citadel.

We’ve also added a task for upgrading troops in the Alchemical Laboratory to the last category.

The Empress of the Dominion Hero’s Guise

When you win the Conquest of the Dominion Tournament, you will get both male and female versions of the Hero’s Guise.

Take advantage of the new game mechanics and plan your own tactics to defeat your enemies!