Throne:Kingdom at War

Update! Seasons, tier VIII warriors, and more

Update in the Throne: Kingdom at War game – life in Amaria has become even more exciting!

Castle in game Throne


  • Seasons in the Throne game are special events during which seasonal personal Tournaments take place. Participate in them and earn ducats, which you can spend in the Seasonal Store to buy unique Townscapes, Hero’s Guises, and other items.
  • A new system for generating assortments of Quests. The difficulty of daily, weekly, and monthly Quests and the rewards they provide are now personalized for each player.
  • Restrictions on accessing the Dominion Ruins. Now you can get there only once your Palace has reached level 10.
  • The bonuses from the “Amaria’s First Sword” and “Emperor’s Successor” achievements, as well as from one secret achievement, have been increased.
  • A new system for distributing the levels of Forts in the Battle on the Isles. Opponents’ Forts can now differ in terms of their levels, but the sum of the levels of one Order’s Forts will always be equal to the sum of the levels of the other Order’s Forts.

Added at players’ request

  • Building levels 36–40. From level 36, some of these buildings will grant military bonuses.
  • Studies of the Second stage in the “Foreign expertise” tab. They become available from level 36 of the Academy.
  • Imperial Fury is a unique Study that grants a powerful bonus to your army’s offense when you attack Towns; however, it also temporarily restricts the use of Inaccessibility.
  • Tier VIII warriors – These are mysterious descendants of the Dominion’s ancient inhabitants.
  • Apostate Masters – They have substantially more health than level 6 Apostates, but the reward for defeating them will be even greater.
  • A warning about spending Dominion Keys in the Dominion Store and about spending Gold on training, healing, and resurrecting warriors, upgrading buildings and troops, promoting Cardinals, and conducting Studies.
  • The window containing information about an Assailant or Apostate is now more detailed. It now shows how long they are due to remain on the Kingdom map, as well as all the materials and runes that you can obtain by attacking them.
  • An updated list of offers in the Item Catalog and the Order Store. The prices of some items have also been changed.
  • Improved resource transformation in the Order Citadel. The maximum amount of resources that can be transformed in the Order Citadel has been increased.

Be a legend of the Throne game! Take advantage of new opportunities to the fullest!