Throne:Kingdom at War

Welcome a Kingdom of new possibilities!

Brave Lords,

Here are some good tidings – major updates have appeared in the Kingdoms! Be the first to use Townscapes, Hero’s Profiles, the improved Infirmary, and more!

Hurry and see the list of the latest updates, for they will help you surpass your enemies!


  • Change your Town’s appearance and get various bonuses with Townscapes! Select your perfect Townscape in Bank offers or the Item Store, and enemies will immediately see that you are a formidable foe.
  • Use new Hero features: save Hero’s Profiles with various sets of Skills, equipment, and bonuses in order to switch quickly between them. Create several suitable sets in the Manor and your Hero will always be effective in any situation!
  • Buy and apply several items simultaneously: go to the purchases window and hold the “Purchase” and “Buy and apply” buttons!
  • Congratulations, novices! Now if your Palace is level 5 or below, you won’t lose your Town resources, even if a more powerful Lord has successfully attacked your Town. Explore the Kingdom fearlessly, seek out allies, and win!
  • New Infirmary features: now you can resurrect warriors who have perished defending their Town. Of all the warriors that don’t end up in the Healing tab, the majority can now be resurrected and recalled to service!
  • See the value of the improved chat: now it’s much easier to communicate!

It’s time to move from words to deeds. Be the first to use these new additions and victory will be yours!