Throne:Kingdom at War

Winds of change in the Kingdom!

Attention all!

Brave Lords, the town heralds proclaim happy events! Here are some useful new additions that will smooth your path to power and make it more exciting!

Valiant Lords, it’s time for innovations in the Kingdom – be wise and be among the first to explore them!

Winds of change in the Kingdom

  • The Gemmery is now available – hurry and build it! Learn how to fuse jewels and use them to enhance the Hero’s equipment
  • Go to the Item Store and be a step ahead of your enemies by purchasing the new items:
  • Jeweler’s Tongs. See their value and convenience for yourself. Only the Jeweler’s Tongs allow you to remove a jewel from a piece of equipment and save it!
  • Additional Boost Coffers allow your troops to overcome any obstacles and be the first to take the best strategical positions before the battle!
  • View new Bank offers in order not to miss your chance to surpass your enemies and perplex their scouts with the visibly increased strength of your troops:
  • Increased Hero Offense and Increased Number of Marches come in handy for defeating enemies quickly and effectively, in true kingly style – excelling both in number and skills!
  • Call up the Hero’s Double, who is able to lead troops just like the main Hero: the trick lies in the fact that the Hero’s Double possesses all the Skills and equipment bonuses of the main Hero! The Hero’s Double item can be purchased in some Bank offers.
  • Increase your Hero’s Stamina on a colossal scale: now you can restore it up to an incredible 50,000 units! Try it out – Assailants won’t have any hope for survival!

Use this opportunity wisely and seize the advantage to bring yourself closer to the sacred throne of the Kingdom!