Throne:Kingdom at War

Resources Guide

All brave Lords upon establishing their Towns in Throne: Kingdom at War start constructing fortifications and raising a strong army that is able to conquer the Kingdom and etch their names into history forever.

Of course, this is a serious and complex process, but you must start at the very beginning. Remember that even the greatest rulers of the past once took their first steps.

In this guide we will discuss key resources. They are needed not only for your Town’s growth and prosperity in times of peace, but also for victory over enemies in bloody battles.


There are five vital resources without which you cannot hope to succeed in these violent, tumultuous lands. They are:

  • Food
  • Lumber
  • Iron
  • Stone
  • Silver

Throne: Kingdom at War Resources

You can get resources by attacking other Lords and plundering their reserves. But robbing Towns comes with great risk because the enemies will defend themselves and retaliate. It may cost you serious losses and the expenses for restoring your army may exceed the amount of obtained resources.

Resource Buildings

There is another, safer way to obtain resources, where the Town you built plays a principal role. For this purpose, the buildings that provide your people with all the necessities were constructed in advance. They help to develop your Town, train armies and gain Power in the Kingdom.

Resource Buildings


As we can see above, the resource buildings are placed in the eastern quadrant of your Town, except for the Houses, where Silver is produced.

There are five resource buildings:



Lumber Mill

Lumber Mill

Stone Quarry






All buildings can be upgraded to level 31. The amount of resources and time required for upgrading is increased with each new level. The production quantity and building’s capacity are also increased and you get additional bonuses and Power points.

Resource Locations

One more way of acquiring resources is capturing resource locations that are randomly placed on the Kingdom map.

Resource Locations

Note: while you are yielding resources, your enemies can attack your army and destroy it.

For this very reason, many Lords send small troops that are less costly to train on marches. This method allows Lords to yield resources fast and with minimum losses.


Each way of obtaining resources mentioned above has its advantages and disadvantages. The most effective method is to use them all.

By utilizing a combination of these three methods, you will get the required amount of resources that you will need for further development and you will be able to become one of the greatest Lords of Throne: Kingdom at War.